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                                                                              It is for both horses and dogs better not to give those commercial biscuits. Many of these "cookies" contain substances that are not suitable for the gastrointestinal tract and can cause problems. Finding the right extra-tje sometimes be very difficult or impossible to find. Now you can quite easily also provide healthy alternatives. Continue reading ? Posted in dogs , horses | Tags: reward , clicker training , dogs , horses , training | Leave a comment CranioSacraal treatment Posted 27 June 2013 by beondho 2 A while back I treated a horse with CranioSacraal therapy. This horse has a hoof problem which was also present for some time. This is going to compensate them and has since built a decent muscular tension. After a few treatments there was a lot more relaxed and they moved a whole lot better. The hoof problem was still present but the treatments she felt a lot better, it promoted again to restore the horse. The first image is of before the treatment. The second plate is of after the treatment. In particular, in the neck and shoulder area, you see a big difference. The muscle tension in the hindquarters also disappeared.


                                                                              CranioScraal therapy strengthens the immune system, improves vitality and resilience and supports the healing process after surgery or injury.

                                                                              Posted in Horses | Tags: craniosacral therapy , thermography for horse and dog | 2 comments

                                                                              Training off the bike (Part 3)

                                                                              Posted 28 mei 2013 by beondho

                                                                              How do you build the dog's condition in a right way up? In addition, this scheme is based on a dog without good condition. For example, a dog who has recovered from injury and slowly to come in top form. Or the boss who would have been advised of his or her dog more exercise because the dog is too heavy and it is detrimental to his future health.More information on barking collars can be found at this website.

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                                                                              Cycling with the dog (part 2)

                                                                              Posted 20 mei 2013 by beondho

                                                                              In my previous story I wrote about a treatment at a dog that ran askew next to the bike, and that I would come back to this. 
                                                                              People cycling regularly with the dog next to the bike, often the dogs pretty heavy weight and will (go there I did from) advised by the vet to look better on the weight, so carry healthier and give more movement. For many people, more movement give a pretty complicated story because they run out of time with all their other activities and perhaps also because one than to have to make a lot of miles so they devise alternatives.

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                                                                              Cycling with the dog

                                                                              Posted 15 mei 2013 by beondho

                                                                              I regularly see people with the dog beside her bicycle. Sometimes these dogs are quite thick or very skewed. Recently I had a dog in treatment which ran very skewed off the bike but sometimes when he ran loose on the line or in freedom. The owner had noticed this happy and searched for the cause, because it was still not normal that the dog ran so. After some investigation revealed that the dog was asymmetrical. He used the muscles on one side more than on the other. During our conversation came out that he had had a long time to injury, this has now been fully restored but the skewness had become progressively worse.


                                                                              The new site of Bitloosrijden

                                                                              Posted 27 april 2013 by beondho

                                                                              This is the new site of Bitloosrijden. 
                                                                              We are still trying to adjust to the site. Due to some technical faults take a little longer than planned and we have also been a number of days in the air. 
                                                                              Our apologies. 
                                                                              We hope in the coming weeks to have running the entire site.

                                                                              If you have questions or want to order this can as usual through the mail.

                                                                              We stand on the Equiday on May 4, 2013 in Ermelo. 
                                                                              Come to this cozy horse event. There is a lot to see demos, clinics a large straw village! And this year a real bitless dressage competition. For both starting cardholders not start cardholders. So anyone can join. People who have a start card counting points with the total score and be so notified the KNHS.

                                                                              ATTENTION !!! We keep EMPTY SALE during Equiday so there are lots of great deals to be found. Everything goes away at very low prices (except Bitless Bridles Dr. Cook)